2022 WINTER/SPRING CLASSES (all online)


Opening to the Body's Voice

Saturday, January 22, i-4:30pm ET
Saturday, February 26 1-4:30pm ET
Saturday, March 26 1-4:30pm ET
$100 for each workshop
Take one or all three
Authentic Movement is a meditative, intuitive, improvisational movement practice involving a mover and a witness. It is a practice of listening, attunement; slowing and opening to a deeper sensing of body and psyche. It was developed by dancer and psychotherapist Mary Starks Whitehouse, who, following her work with Carl Jung, became curious about moving without intention, or the practice of "waiting to be moved."

With eyes closed, maintaining a focus on bodily sensation and the flow of consciousness, the mover attunes to the inner landscape of the body and allows herself to be moved by whatever impulses arise in the moment. The mover, in the presence of the compassionate witness, discovers the awareness and containment of their own inner witness.



Guided Support for Body, Mind and Spirit

Thursdays 6:30-7:30 ET
February 24 - March 31

A recipe for entering the body:
Attention: because the body is precise.
Listening because the body is subtle.
Kindness: because the body is tender.

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unsettled in this challenging time. We may feel ourselves swinging between moments of panic and feeling frozen. I am offering some gentle somatic support, and invite you to join me for a weekly 30-minute free movement meditation.

Each week I will share a simple, gentle movement experience to help settle our bodies, minds and hearts, and hold ourselves more gently in this unsettling and challenging time.

These mindful practices can help to calm and steady us, using conscious movement and stillness, breath, self-touch, and imagery. In my experience, when we move with an improvisational spirit of exploration, we find greater expression, expansion, and resilience.


Deepening Feel and Connection with Our Horses, Ourselves

Thursdays 6:30-8:00 ET
April 7 - May 12

This class is for those who would like to become more attuned and easeful with their horses. Attunement is empathetic - a bodily experience of connectedness and reciprocal resonance. We will explore how the sensitivity and expression of the horse can transform our relationship, and that in turn allows our own expressive, playful spirit to emerge.

This class challenges the belief that the horse is our property, and has to "respect" us, that we are the "alpha". This dominance model can perpetuate abuses that may be subtle or gross - rooted in hierarchical beliefs about power over, rather than the powerful reciprocity of listening and somatic/emotional co-regulation.

Using guided touch and movement practices, we will:
  • Use the embodied experience of our moving, breathing bodies to deepen connection with the horse.
  • Cultivate a practice of listening, softening and opening to the wisdom of the horse.
  • Expand confidence and ease in your ability to communicate with movement and touch.

    Each week you will learn embodied practices and skills - fresh ways of awakening the body and developing authentic, grounded relationships with our equine partners. You will also have the opportunity to discuss specific concerns that you have about your horse.