THE TRAVELER (terra incognita)


"I say to my breath once again, little breath come in from in front of me, go away behind me, row me quietly now, as far as you can, for I am an abyss that I am trying to cross.
W.S. Merwin, The Book of Fables

". . . such that every step we take, every act we initiate, expresses at its heart, our inevitable movement towards non-being through unknown and unpredicatable life circumstances."
Ernesto Spinelli

Set to music by Hugues le Bars and Port Mone, The Traveler explores how unpredictable and volatile life changes can fracture and reshape our psyches, change our bodies and disrupt our sense of self in relation to the world. It asks what it means to be lost, to find oneself in terra incognita, not once or twice, but throughout our lives. Set to a sound score created by Paula Josa-Jones and video projection by Katherine Freer and lighting by Susan Hamburger, the traveler - a Chaplinesque character - navigates perilous topographies, finding and losing balance as the physical and dream terrains shift and buckle.

In addition to full-motion video, some of the projected images are inspired by Chris Marker's use of still photography in La Jete, to underscore the travelogue/slideshow metaphor. The dance opens with a film created by Josa-Jones built from manipulated still photographs by Pam White. Set and projection design amplify the sense of turbulent inner and outer terrains.

The Traveler is a part of Ms. Josa-Jones's solo solo program, Of This Body.

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All photographs in The Traveler are by Pam White.