is a community-based, inter-species dance project that brings together riders, vaulters, student dancers, professional dancers from Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works and singer/performance Artist Ryder Cooley performing with "throw away" horses that have been rescued from abuse or slaughter. It premiered in October 2012 at Little Brook Farm, in Chatham, NY.

All the Pretty Horses is the first time rescued horses, who were previously designated as too old, too lame, too dangerous, too wild, could demonstrate their partnership with humans. "It is the time and proper intervention with these formerly cast-off horses that enables them to perform with such beauty, grace and dignity," says Lynn Cross Executive Director of Little Brook Farm.

All the Pretty Horses reveals the depth and heart of the human-horse bond and the beauty and possibility of horses that were thrown away or seen as having no value and sold for slaughter. It shows us that when we share time and space with horses, learn to listen to them and communicate through the language of movement, we become more compassionate, more connected to each other and more a part of the shared earth.

"What a fabulous and graceful performance. The youth and freshness in the movement and in the troupe (horses included) were a delight. Paula, you continue to amaze and delight your fans." Larry Kunz

All the Pretty Horses is an ongoing project, part of our Horses Helping Horses program, that uses performance and educational programming to raise awareness about equine rescue and humane practices. Your donation helps us to make this program available to other sanctuaries as a way of raising awareness and funds for their work.

Dancemakers Inc. dba Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. To contribute to All the Pretty Horses, or any of our activities, please use the Google Donate link below or make your check payable to Dancemakers Inc. and send to the address below. We deeply appreciate your tax exempt donation.

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