Film & Photography

"Josa-Jones can be credited with enhancing the possibilities of dance video, since her work lends itself to the imagistic world of cross-fades, a kind of supernatural visual exposure, with dancers moving across frames as if entering alternate worlds or states of consciousness. Her work with video artists defies the axiom that dance does not translate into two-dimensional media"
The International Dictionary of Modern Dance

For the past 30 years, I have collaborated with photographer Pam White and videographers Vin Grabill and Ellen Sebring. More recently, my work with horses has also been beautifully documented by Jeffrey Anderson. The Traveler is a collaboration with projection designer and videographer Katherine Freer. The documentary of River/Body is created by filmmaker Ben Willis and the students at The Marvelwood School.

To purchase photographs, please contact Pam White or Jeffrey Anderson.

Hooves sculpture by Gillian Jagger.
Photograph by Pam White.