Three collaborators, choreographer Paula Josa-Jones, composer Pauline Oliveros , and playwright Laurie Carlos ask: "What are the wild dreams that brought this woman (and that bring all women) to the edges of her life, to her ultimate action of defiance? How do power, relationship and inspiration shape action?"

With a stellar cast including actress Evangeline Johns, and dancers Dillon Paul, Bonnie Spillane, Ingrid Schatz, Alissa Cardone, Hariett Jastremsky and Heather Brown, ANTIGONE'S DREAM emerges in movement, sound and image. Antigone, played by all of these women, dreams of inspiration, of guidance, of madness, of red horses and a cobalt blue bed. She envisions the three fates spinning the red passion thread of a woman's life on an utterly contemporary and sassy wheel.

"In the bow of the lip, the crevice of the beast, the bulbous womb, Antigone is the Korean dance girl, the slaver's breeder, the woman we know and the stranger. The woman whose name means 'in place of a mother'. I continue the telling of dreams and legends layered with gesture and songs of the woman warrior, who makes okra pot dances and fluid adventures of clean fingernails and unwashed greens."
Laurie Carlos