LIGHT AND BONE (Luz y Hueso)

A startling duet exploration of mortality inspired by Andrew Xenios's haunting photographs of the mummies of Guanajuato and Carol Dine's exquisite accompanying poems. Tonya Lockyer and Paula Josa-Jones dive into a world poised at the edge of death, but one that is lush with life and movement, an evocation of lives lived to their most poignant edges. Projections of Xenios' photographs and Ms Josa-Jones' film both on the dancers' bodies and the backdrop create a riveting visual accompaniment for Ms. Dine's poetry and Deirdre Broderick's eloquent score.

". . . what did me in was Luz & Hueso. It was more than brilliant, with its use of film, light and bone, skin, wit and the sepulchral charm of Augustin Lara's voice singing something about mujer, and "todo tu ser parece temblar como una cancion?" or some such, while his voice has so damn little living temblar left in it. I find myself sputtering, and wishing I could see it again."
Juan Alonso, author of Killing the Mandarin

Paula, Paula...
Light and Bone is brilliant, gorgeous, magical and great...what can I say. I was stunned and so excited watching the video. Your use of slides and film is truly inspired. The images gorgeous and we are very great as well.

The back sequence!!! Now I understand the fuss...the huge engulfing film and you a stream of movement in the background, had me mouth agape! The paper looks like shreds of flesh. The beginning of my solo is everything I would hope for, and you are poignant and fully fleshed.... and most of all ...movingly generous.

I was wet-eyed, not just for the remarkable beauty of the work, or that we are so synergetic a pair ...but that you had given me such a beautiful garment...not one I simply placed on and filled in....but one obviously full of love and full of places that let my beauty come thru as only a loving and big soul could see it. Thank you for seeing me this way and giving me the opportunity to vibrate that way. I think Light and Bone breaths with our beauty and our power, and it took you to focus the lens that caught it so eloquently.

But Paula, mostly...thank you for your love, for your persistence, for your wild vision, for what you see in me, and for the gorgeous thriving, densely serpine, gentle, ferocious, relentlessly living large leafy garden of life I see in you. I trust our experience speaks for the powerful life we have shared. Light and Bone I feel is another beautiful testament.
with love,

Tonya Lockyer