Paula Josa-Jones with Kairos Dance Theater

husk/vessel is a collaborative group work that explores costume as both covering and habitat. Rather than using costume as apparel only, husk/vessel explores fabric as that which both covers and contains, conceals and reveals dancer and dance, simultaneously limiting and expanding the possibilities for movement and character. Each dancer moves within a unique garment-world of their own, exploring gradual and abrupt transformations and interactions both as soloists sharing common space, and as an ensemble. The costumes are unique to each performer but akin in the use of materials so that there is a sense of tribe or relatedness among the performers.

Our intention was to explore HUSK not as just an outer layer, but the way that the fabric could "husk" us and we could "husk" the fabric. How it is both a part of and separate from us, and the emotional tone of that shifting relationship. With VESSEL, we wanted to explore the fabric as something that could contain and carry us, but also the way that the fabric expresses the inner anatomical/poetic dimensions of the spaces that hold and separate us from within: the mediastinum, the omental bursa, the meninges, pericardium, and the organs themselves -in other words - inner skin and outer skin. We are most interested in expressing the confluence of inner and outer experience as somatically real.

husk/vessel strips away the usual approach to costuming as apparel and creates an unpredictable relationship between the body of the performer and the body of the costume. Rather than conventional improvisation or choreographic perspective, we are seeking a state change that allows for “being moved” by the mobile, sensual confluence of inner and outer landscapes.

husk/vessel asks how we shape images of self and other, and how our environments - including dress - affect our perception and movement. Costumes and props encourage a sensory approach to movement, challenging psychophysical habits and cultural definitions of both dance and the body. Our intention is to create a work that engages audiences as it also disrupts and complicates conventional notions of dance, the body, and the performative space.

Led by DeAnna Pellecchia, Boston's Kairos Dance Theater is an eclectic contemporary dance company committed to creating immersive, live performances that promotes dance as a portal for communication and social change. KAIROS aims to redefine the role of art in culture by rewriting culturally defined narratives and expectations. For the past 15 years, we have enabled dancers and non-dancers to discover their voices and the importance of their own personal stories through carefully crafted & customized training programs and performances throughout New England, New York and internationally.