BLUE (2010)
Blue is a Friesian/Paint cross who arrived in our lives completely unexpectedly. He had never had his own human, proper care or consistency in his life. At 12 years old, despite being green, he is a sweet, willing, and generous presence. He has become an extraordinary partner in helping those who have experienced trauma or who wish to experience a heartful connection with a horse.

IZARRA (2010)
Izarra is a black Mustang mare culled by the BLM from a herd in Nevada. From there, a gap in what we know of her experience until she was rescued from a kill pen by Little Brook Farm in Old Chatham, NY. That is where I met and fell in love with her. She is a wild child, opinionated, curious, tender and fierce all at once. We are learning to dance together, one mindful day at a time.

AMADEO (1995-2022)
Dark bay Andalusian gelding, imported from Los Arcos in Spain. Amadeo was a beautiful and complicated boy who was with me for nineteen years. He was trained to the Prix St. George level by Brandi Rivera and was the winner of the 2004 NEDA Andalusian Breed Show. Due to his strong responses to the unexpected, Amadeo is a wonderful teacher in my on-the-ground work with clients. More than any other horse I have known, he will always tell you when you have found an authentic and settled connection, which is what he truly desires.

CAPPRICHIO (1992-2021)
Black Andalusian Stallion from Spain. Imported and trained by Olympian Sabine Schut-Kery. Capprichio is a stunning performer with a clear sense of his own mind and body. Trained to the equivalent of Grand Prix by Sabine, he was able to perform all of the haute ecole movements including piaffe, passage, Spanish walk, extended trot, and pirouette with his beautiful floating gaits. Sabine performed the extraordinary exhibition "Dance with Me" with Capprichio and her friend, the Flamenco dancer Ana Ayromiou, at Dressage at Devon. He also performed at the Washington Nationals, and Palm Beach Dressage among many other venues.

Since he has been with me, he has performed in my equestrian dance FLIGHT, ridden by Brandi Rivera. At 29, he still loved to work, but had to be careful due to a heart murmur. Nonetheless, his spirit is great, and he was always pure exuberance to ride. He was also a patient and clear teacher in our Embodied Equine Experience work.

SANNE (1998-2018)
Black Friesian gelding, imported from Holland. Son of the approved Friesian stallion Brandus 345. He was the gentle giant and a collaborator in all of my EMBODIED EQUINE EXPERIENCING work. Sanne loved to help humans understand how to listen and connect, with extraordinary generosity, patience and kindness. Sanne was also a beautiful and generous performer, and has been in three of my dances with horses, FLIGHT, Scarlet, and Krump, with rider Brandi Rivera, and dancers Ingrid Schatz, DeAnna Pellecchia, Dillon Paul and Paola Styron.

Paintings on this page by Pam White.

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