The stories. The photos. The entire conveyance of a different way of being in this world.
How fluid this book is, how soft in invitation...

Jane Hirshfield
Award-winning Poet, Translator & Essayist

A beautiful, spiritual and touching look at our great love and need for animals. Brilliant and heartfelt.
Jon Katz
New York Times Bestselling Author, Former Executive Producer of CBS Morning News

Indeed, Josa-Jones' book is an essential bible for equestrians, artists, and spiritual seekers alike. Her poetic aspirations to develop authentic relationships with equine partners provides a heartfelt road map for each of us to connect more deeply to others, and ultimately to ourselves.
John Killacky
Executive Director of Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington, VT

What Paula Josa-Jones has done...is to bring each aspect of the combined arts of equitation and dance into new and sublime focus.
Carly Simon
Singer, Songwriter

A breath of fresh air...where any one of us with a true desire to really be with horses, to partner with them in work, pleasure, or competition, should begin.
Linda Tellington-Jones
Bestselling Author, Founder of the Tellington Method

What an engaging, poetic, and insightful book! Our Horses, Ourselves is a deeply moving journey into the landscape of our authentic self, reflected through the great love, respect, and understanding Josa-Jones has for horses as companions and creators of harmony though movement.
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Bestselling Author and Founder of Body-Mind Centering®

Paula Josa-Jones shares a unique perspective on how we can create a more intimate relationship with our horses and ourselves, and it is a joy to see how awareness of the deeper connections between horses and humans can blossom. Her approach is truly that of a Compassionate Equestrian.
Allen M. Schoen, DVM, MS, PhD (hon.)
Author of The Compassionate Equestrian; Kindred Spirits; and Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing

Done well, the connection between horse and rider evolves into a dance between two equal partners. Force is never part of this. Paula Josa-Jones reminds us of this in her beautiful book. She offers a dancer's perspective on the process that transforms training into art.
Alexandra Kurland
Author of Clicker Training for Your Horse

About the reading at Ellen Lynch's Gallery in Chatham, NY:
Last night was SO wonderful!!! I just lapped up every word Paula said. When I wasn't smiling from ear to ear I was holding back a tear! All that talk about connection really resonated with me! You brought such a beautiful group of people together and your gallery was just the most perfect venue!


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