RIDE 2.0

Concepts from the brilliant design team, set designer Mark Nayden and costume guru Christine Joly de Lotbinniere. These are some of their sketches for a future production of RIDE.

MARK NAYDEN is a stage designer whose work has been seen on and of Broadway. He designed sets for Ms. Josa-Jones for Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Ghostdance, Raving in Wind, The Yellow Wallpaper and Wonderland.
Mark Nayden

CHRISTINE JOLY DE LOTBINNIERE is a graphic artist and theater designer based in Seattle, Washington. She has designed for theater, dance, music and television in Europe, the United States and Canada. Her extensive work in dance includes designs for Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works, he Atlanta Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, the Joffrey, the National Ballet of Canada, Colorado Ballet, Ballet Metropolitan, Ballet Arizona, Boston Ballet, David Parsons Dance, Peter Pucci Plus Dancers, Pittsburgh Ballet and Ballet Pacifica. She has collaborated with Paula Josa-Jones on numerous productions over the past twenty years.