Embodiment means experiencing the unity of body and mind.
It includes the anatomical body, the energetic body,
and in the words of Thomas Hanna, the "wise, imaginative and creative" body.
Embodiment is not just learning and repeating patterns, but bringing
qualities of awareness and presence to the subtle and authentic ways our bodies are moving.


Discovering the Dancing Self
Dancing is a birthright. It belongs to all of us - a tribal, instinctive, delicious part of our individual and collective bodily experiencing. This class focuses on reclaiming our dancer-selves, and on learning to move in new ways that are nourishing and integrative to body and mind.

Each class begins with a mindful movement warm-up using not just muscles and bones, but organs, fluids and fascia. We focus on bringing consciousness to our movement patterns and dynamics, expanding the ways that we use space and experience whole-body connectivity. The goal is to develop greater expressivity and effortlessness in our moving bodies.

Classes end with a period of rest and integration, so that the body can absorb the restorative experience of moving in a holistic and conscious way.


Integrative Exercise as Play and Bodily Wisdom
I believe that exercise should awaken a playful, improvisational and intuitive relationship to your body. Embodied Fitness is a mixed media approach to integrative exercise that combines Bartenieff Fundamentals, Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), and perspectives from Body-Mind Centering, somatics and dance.

Students learn to use space, developmental movement patterns, and body systems (organs, fluids, glands as well as the musculoskeletal system) to support moving with greater freedom, balance and strength. We also learn to differentiate between moving from the container and the contents, and how to feel the more subtle layers of initiation and sequencing. When we understand our habitual patterns, we are able to make new, more mindful choices in how we move and the quality of our movement.

This gentle, relaxing movement class based provided the most immediate, complete and long lasting pain relief to my spine as well as helping with the pain of a shoulder injury. Paula is a caring and supportive teacher.
Mark Liebergall

With both classes. my goal is to help you develop:
  • Awareness and mindfulness in movement.
  • Enjoyment, confidence and ease.
  • Greater expressivity and dynamism.
  • Expanded range of movement.
  • Breath-based, three-dimensional core support.
  • Improved balance, strength and fluidity.
  • A multisensory experience of moving.

Contact Paula about upcoming classes and workshops, or to schedule an individual session.