is about life in the time of plague. Three commedia dell'arte characters travel through a dark and ominous world in which all are stricken, but only one will die. MASQUE was oroginally developed at The Yard on Martha's Vineyard.

"It is, in part, the atmosphere that makes her MASQUE so intriguing. Meredith Davis's set design consists of a small black stage hung with dull crimson and pink rags of ribbons; more of these hang from three tall T shapes that make me think of the Crucifixion. The dancers . . . are zanies, grotesques. A commedia dell'arte troupe from hell. You see horrid at the edge of funny, of comedy that has toppled over the edge into nightmare. God knows what beaches Josa-Jones prowls - dark ones teeming with creepily phosphorescent life."
Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice