is an evening-length theatrical performance that explores the sensuous and archetypal bond between horse and human through a powerful mix of music, dance and aerial ballet. In RIDE, the horse is the beloved. Through the shared language of movement, the dance speaks to our desire for connection and the power of the human-horse bond. To order the RIDE DVD

There are few who can establish themselves as original creative artists; what Paula Josa-Jones has done is to bring each aspect of the combined arts of equitation and dance into a new and sublime focus.
Carly Simon

How can I express the majesty of your performance, the concept and the soul-drive choreography? I witnessed a miracle: the connection between horse and woman, the darkened earth beneath hooves and art. I wept when the dancer put her face to Norman's nostrils as if she were whispering to God.
Carol Dine, author of Places in the Bone: A Memoir

I watched RIDE last night and realized that my jaw did not close throughout. I gaped. The earthbound and the ethereal -- what horses are innately -- realized as movement by humans alone, in partnership with each other, and in partnership with horses. The score seemed to me to be what the horses would have chosen for themselves. I kept thinking of that great line from The Music Man: "Head in the clouds, feet on the ground." I could have watched for hours. I have never before felt movement contained in two dimensions on a screen, reach and and summon me into it, heart and all. What you are doing is simply amazing.
Meghan Coleman

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