Our Horses, Ourselves: Discovering the Common Body

Meditations and Strategies for Deeper Understanding and Enhanced Communication

Between 60 and 80 percent of human communication is nonverbal, spoken in the physical languages of movement and touch. But while we are talking all the time, we often lack a clear vocabulary and syntax of the body. In this fascinating book, dancer, choreographer, and visual artist Paula Josa-Jones combines her two greatest passions - movement and horses - in order to help us develop greater somatic awareness: Consciousness of breath, integrated and coherent movement, and the understanding of movements and touch as potent channels of communication. Through stories and exercises, Josa-Jones demonstrates how connecting with the horse can develop this awareness. The body and mind of the horse and the human, she writes, "are connected at the deepest levels, anatomically, energetically, psychically, spiritually, and emotionally."Because the horse's inner feelings and intentions match their outer expression and behavior, our interactions with them can help us become more aware of our inner emotional landscape and its relationship to what we are expressing outwardly. Horses offer us the opportunity to become more trustworthy and more comfortable in our own skin. By listening inwardly, feeling the connections between our mind states and our expression, we become more attuned to the currents passing among us, more able to blend, empathize, and act with balance, sensitivity, and kindness.


Our Horses, Ourselves