moving within, moving without

Using breath, imagery, movement and touch BODYSCAPE/LANDSCAPE focuses on embodying the relationship between our inner somatic landscape and the outer landscapes that surround us.

Often we believe that to feel deeply within, we have to shut out the outside world; that we can't be in and out at the same time. Embodiment means that we are experiencing our bodies in a feeling, conscious way that we are listening to intelligence and insight that arise from the body itself, rather than from cognitive learning alone. We are feeling, rather than only thinking our way to understanding. To be truly embodied we must learn how to experience inner and outer worlds simultaneously, or at least shorten the commute between the two, making our transitions between them more seamless and conscious.

This workshop will borrow some ideas from RIVER/BODY to develop a deep listening, compassionate relationship between our bodies and the body or the earth, and discovering how the personal body is an integral part of a sensual, shared biosphere. The class also draws upon some concepts from Body-Mind Centering to enhance our experience of the body's anatomy and the eco-anatomy that surrounds and supports us. We will also explore SOURCEWORK exercises and strategies that enhance awareness, clarity, and feeling in the mover, deepening receptivity to the inner landscape of sensation and movement impulse.

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