creating inter-species community

HORSES HELPING HORSES is a program that uses performance and educational programming to raise awareness about compassionate, mindful equine practices rooted in the shared language of movement and touch.

Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works works with equine-centered organizations of all kinds to develop compassionate outreach programming that expresses the heart of the horse. Working with equine partners as both teachers and performers, we offer a wide range of programming options, including:

  • Embodied Horsemanship workshops and clinics for riders and horse people of all ages and disciplines.
  • Embodied Equine Experiencing and Conscious Touch clinics tailored specifically for your program or stable.
  • Formal and informal performances and demonstrations,
    including performance works developed at your stable with your horses and student riders.
  • Webinars, podcasts and talks based on Ms. Josa-Jones's book,
    Our Horses, Ourselves: Discovering the Common Body.

    Your donation helps to support this programming.

    Download the OUR HORSES, OURSELVES Electronic Press Kit

    Download the EMBODIED HORSEMANSHIP brochure

    Contact PJJ/PW about performance, demonstration, clinic or workshop possibilities for your organization or stable.