Deepening Connection with TTouch & Movement

Prayer, by Stuart Kestenbaum, from Prayers & Run-on Sentences

Our problem - may I include you? - is that we
don't know how to start, how to just close
our eyes and let something dance between
our hearts and our lips, we don't know how
to skip across the room only for the joy of the leap.
We walk, we run but what happened to the skip
and its partner, the gallop, the useless and imaginary
way we could move through space, the horses we
rode before we knew how to saddle up, before we
had opinions about everything and just loved
the wind in our faces and the horizon in our eyes.

What a gift to horsemanship and consciousness! I can't wait for Paula's next class. She provided great practices and tools for transforming the foundation of our relationship with our horses - as well as any other living creature. Such a shift will bring more grace, ease and joy into the lives of all. I will enjoy being present with my four (and two) legged partners more, simply noticing the "problems/challenges" disappearing.
Louise Dobish, Michigan

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for you, your horse and companion animals

Embodied Partnership is for those who would like to become more attuned, mindful and improvisational in their relationship with their horses and other animal companions. By learning basic movement awareness skill that expand softness and connection, you will create greater physical and emotional balance and ease for you and the other four and two-legged creatures in your life.
  • Develop a consistent feeling of softness and connection in all aspects of your horsemanship.
  • Learn how to track your own body and its responses to the horse.
  • Build feelings of confidence, mindfulness and a spirit of improvisation.
  • Connect with the horse using bodily practices that are intuitive and playful both on the ground and in the saddle.
  • Learn how softness and listening can create physical and emotional balance for you and your horse.


    the touch that teaches

    Sessions use TTouch, Clicker Training and groundwork exercises to help resolve physical and behavioral issues. TTouch is called "the touch that teaches" because it helps the horse, dog or cat to feel and think rather than simply reacting. TTouch releases held patterns of tension, injury or imbalance. The result is greater freedom of movement and balance. Lessons include instruction for the owner in specific touches and exercises that you can do with your animal companions.

    No previous riding or horse experience is necessary. All work is done on the ground.

    Embodied Horsemanship