Our Mission

Since 1985, Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works has been making risk-taking, adventurous dance theater that explores the borders between states of being, including gender, species, past/present, movement/stillness, light/dark. The dancers, designers and I create works that are visually rich, provocative and grounded in deep diving movement exploration. We are committed to collaborations with artists in all disciplines, and to fostering relationships with an international creative community. It is our intention to be generous and wild in our work and to, in the words of writer Maria Popova, "seek out and share what magnifies our spirit."

Whether on a street corner, in a theater, a forest or a beach, my intention as a dance artist is to incite physical experiencing - a moving transmission through heart, viscera, fluids, skin, muscle, bone and imagination. It is important to me to acknowledge the audience as visible and essential, as co-players within the performative moment. I want to challenge any disembodied detachment from the body, objectification or dismissal of, or indifference to my body, your body, the collective body, including other species, and the body of the earth itself. I am passionate about the ways that we share physical experiencing, and how to foment an embodied state change for the audience as well as the performer.

Our goal with our teaching and residency work is to help others connect to their own delicious sense of embodiment and imagination, and to nourish a deeper experience of listening and attunement to self and others through wild play and conscious movement exploration.

PJJ/PW offers:
  • Performances
  • Commissions of new work
  • Residencies,master classes and workshops

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